Male Extra Pills Reviews & Side Effects

Male Extra: Benefits, ingredients, pros and cons:

Male enhancement pills are available in markets but men must select a  most reliable product.

It is very important for men to choose the right product if they want to enhance their penis size in addition to increasing their stamina and energy level. Any wrong choice of these pills will not only waste their time but also money. Male Extra is specifically designed for this purpose. Its ingredients target the fundamentals of male health such as penile cell health and blood flow. There are no side effects of using this product. Its main target is to provide bigger penis size and harder erections for every man.

Benefits of using Male Extra:

There are 3 benefits of using this product.

  • Stronger and longer penis: it is the key benefit of Male Extra
  • Increased libido: lack of libido can also negatively affect your sex. These pills help in enhancing libido in men.
  • Sexual performance and health: men can get long lasting erections with the help of this product. They would also be able to have more control on their erection.
  • Enhanced sex drive: it is another benefit of using Male Extra.
  • Increased Stamina: Stamina of users will also increase.

Ingredients of Male Extra:

  1. Zinc (45mg)

This ingredient helps in increasing testosterone levels.

  1. Creatine

It helps in making your muscles and erections stronger.

  1. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) and L-Arginine

These two ingredients are beneficial for erection process. They also help in increasing blood flow towards penis.

  1. Pomegranate ellagic acid (40% )

Three pills of this product contain 500mg of pomegranate. This fruit has antioxidant properties and helps in blood flow. It also helps in fighting prostate cancer.

  1. Cordyceps (25mg)

This ingredient helps in improving sexual desire and energy.

  1. Maca Extract (25mg)

It also enhances testosterone levels and improve libido.

  1. Tongkat Ali Extract (50mg)

It helps in improving testosterone levels and sex drive.

  1. Epimediaum Sagittatum (50mg)

This ingredient helps in relaxing penis muscles

Pros of Male Extra:

  • This product is manufactured by a leading dietary supplement company
  • There are no side effects of using this product
  • After 6 months of regular usage, penis will grow by 2.6 inches
  • Several medical experts have endorsed this product
  • Manufacturer is also offering 60 days money back guarantee

Cons of Male Extra:

  • The key drawback is the availability of this product. Users can buy it from official website of manufacturer
  • This product will not provide instant results
  • It is a bit pricy as compared to other male enhancement pills

How it works

L-Arginine and pomegranate helps in increasing nitric oxide level within body that enlarges blood vessels in corpora cavenosa region of penis. This will ultimately enlarge penis and makes your erections stronger.


Male Extra is really an effective product for increasing penis size, stamina and sex drive. Men can easily use this product for getting the desired outcomes without any negative impact on their health.